Tools & Resources

Free online tools and resources to help you manage your website, build your brand and grow your online business.

Utilities and information

Check DNS propagation, send large files and learn how to manage your website with our useful tools and resources.

Confused by marketing jargon and abbreviations? Our online glossary will help you cut through the noise.

Learn how to manage your website and promote your online business with our step-by-step guides.

Content Templates

Create awesome content faster than ever with our selection of handy content templates and plans.

DNS Checker

Our DNS propagation checker allows you to check a domain name’s current IP address and DNS records.

File Transfer

Our powerful file transfer system enables you to securely send large files to multiple recipients.

URL Shortener

Convert long URLs into memorable, trackable links – perfect for sharing your content on social media.

Whois Lookup

Considering buying a domain name? Use our Whois lookup tool to learn about the history of the domain.

IP Lookup

Learn more about the visitors accessing your website with our simple but powerful IP lookup tool.

Website Monitor

Add a list of URLs and our website monitoring system will let you know the moment your site is offline.