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After months of blood, sweat and tears, your new website is finally live. It looks fantastic. Everything is working as it should. And traffic to your website is being tracked.

Now all you need to do is promote it.

You know how important search engine traffic is (it converts better than any other marketing channel, with the exception of email marketing), so you contact an SEO agency . . . and nothing happens.

Sad pug waiting for an SEO quote
Sad pug waiting for an SEO quote

Frustrated, you contact a different search engine optimisation company, and they respond with a 50-page survey asking you what you want to achieve from your landscape gardening website (Err . . . get enquiries?).

Finally, after a dozen emails and two Zoom meetings, they send you a quote. After crunching the numbers, you realise you'll have to sell a few body parts to get your SEO campaign up and running.

Ron Burgundy shocked at the cost of an SEO campaign
Ron Burgundy shocked at the cost of an SEO campaign

After even more emails and online meetings, they refuse to budge on their price and you finally realise they're not the right SEO company for you.

Before you know it, a month has passed and your expensive new website is still generating no leads and making no money.

But what if you could avoid all of that nonsense and start improving your website's search engine visibility within hours? Well, now you can with our range of monthly SEO packages!

SEO package features

All of our monthly SEO packages include a website and backlink audit, competitor and keyword monitoring, technical SEO, on-page optimisation, content creation, link building, speed optimisation, a security audit and access to a real-time reporting dashboard.

There's no setup fee, no contract and no commitment. One simple fee each month, with no hidden charges. What's not to like?

Why purchase a monthly SEO package?

Subscribing to one of our monthly SEO packages has several advantages over the traditional approach of requesting a quote and then paying an invoice at the end of each month:

  • You'll know exactly how much your SEO campaign will cost in advance.
  • You won't waste time sending emails and requesting estimates.
  • You won't have to worry about making manual payments.
  • Purchasing an SEO package is quick, easy and convenient.
  • We'll be able to start your SEO campaign within hours, not days.

SEO packages to suit every business and budget

Whether you're a plumber targeting local homeowners, an online retailer looking to reach a national audience or a tech startup with an international following, we have the right SEO package to suit your needs and budget.

If you have a small website in a relatively low-competition niche and you're happy for progress to be solid rather than spectacular, our Starter plan would probably do just fine.

If, however, you have a large website in a competitive niche, you'll probably need a lot of new content and backlinks each month, in which case our Pro or Elite search engine optimisation packages would be more suitable.

Man understanding our SEO packages
Man understanding our SEO packages

If your business has very specific search marketing requirements that our core packages don't meet, we're more than happy to put together a tailored SEO plan and send you an invoice at the end of each month.

If you're not sure which of our SEO packages would be most suitable for your website, get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.

Manage your subscription payments

Our easy-to-use subscription portal gives you full control over your monthly subscription payments.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription; update your credit card information; download previous invoices and more.

There's no contract, no obligation and you're free to cancel your subscription whenever you like (although once you've seen what our SEO services can do for your business, we're confident you won't want to!).

Business owner making money from organic search traffic
Business owner making money from organic search traffic

Order your monthly SEO package today!

Improving your website's SEO has never been easier. Simply head over to our SEO packages page, select the plan you need, fill in the simple payment form and then sit back and relax while we get to work on your SEO campaign.

We'll be in touch as soon as we have received your payment, and we'll typically start work on your SEO campaign within a few hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

So what are you waiting for? Don't waste time sending emails and waiting for estimates. Purchase an SEO package today and watch your SEO improve almost immediately.

Rob Carter
Rob Carter

Rob Carter is a digital marketing expert with a genuine passion for helping businesses thrive online. Rob has been building websites and crafting marketing campaigns for over 20 years, and his creativity and analytical ability are highly sought after by businesses and non-profits around the world.

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