100+ Secret Headline Formulas and Templates to Skyrocket Your CTR

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Writing headlines is easy; writing great headlines is hard. Very hard. And if you want to squeeze the maximum ROI from your SEO, PPC and email marketing campaigns, you're going to need great headlines – or great headline formulas.

Whether you're writing a blog post title, crafting an email subject line or creating a Google Ads heading, if you don't get the headline right then all of those hours spent researching and creating your awesome content will be for nothing.

Woman worrying about writing headlines
Woman worrying about writing headlines

Why is it so hard to write great headlines? There are a number of reasons, but if I were to pick one it would be because naming things in general is hard. Couple that with a lack of space (particularly in PPC ads), and it's easy to understand why so many people get it so wrong.

Naming matters for both idealogical and practical reasons . . . we want names to exhibit truth and beauty: to be the right names . . but naming's importance is far more practical. Naming is communication.

Peter Hilton – Software Developer

Hilton was referring to naming things in software programs, but his insights apply to all types of names.

Anyone who has ever tried to name a child knows that naming is hard. But whether you're selecting a name for your child, a name for your business or a title for your next blog post or video, you're probably going to hit a roadblock at some point.

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How headline formulas help you write better headlines

Everyone suffers from writer's block at some point – even the most talented and prolific writers.

Leo Tolstoy, author of the gargantuan War and Peace and Anna Karenina, famously suffered from severe bouts of writer's block and was unable to write for months and even years at a time.

Virginia Woolf, one of the most innovative and prolific writers of the 20th century, also suffered from the sometimes chronic and debilitating condition and was unable to write for prolonged periods.

And if Tolstoy and Woolf often found it hard to write, you can be sure that Joe Bloggs the small business owner has found it difficult to come up with content ideas and headlines at some point.

Wooden manikin in need of inspiration
Wooden manikin in need of inspiration

Headline formulas give you a framework to hang your ideas on, a structure to help you formulate your own content.

There are numerous psychological tricks you can employ to help get your creative juices flowing, but one of the most effective is to rework existing content. Staring at a blank page can be intimidating, but get something written down – anything – and you'll find things get much easier.

Headline formulas give you a framework to hang your own words and ideas on, a structure to help you formulate your own content. They're flexible and extremely powerful, and I use them all the time.

In fact, if you've read any of my other posts such as "101 Ways to Repurpose Your Content – Part 1" or "The Complete Guide to Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile", you probably won't have to look too hard to spot the headline formula.

In fact, this post makes use of one too!

Why not use an AI writer to create headlines?

Because they're shit, that's why. Expensive, overhyped shit.

Pot-bellied pig having a poo
Pot-bellied pig having a poo

Truth be told, I can't stand them. The content they spit out reads like a washing machine manual and is completely devoid of all humour and emotion. I wouldn't include AI-generated content in a greetings card.

If you use the headline formulas and templates in this article, you shouldn't need to use an AI writer to create great headlines.

However – and I can't believe I'm actually writing this – there may be times when a little prompting from a robot writer is just what you need. Getting started can be the most challenging aspect of creating content, so I guess if an AI writer helps you do that then they're not completely worthless to you.

Really though, if you use the headline formulas and templates in this article, you shouldn't need to use an AI writer to create great headlines for your blog posts, pay-per-click ads and emails.

Use them enough and writing headlines will become second nature – and you'll save yourself a small fortune.

Man holding all the money he's saved on AI writers
Man holding all the money he's saved on AI writers

How important is the headline?

If you want to know how important the headline is, ask John Caples (well, technically you can't because he died in 1990, but bear with me here).

Caples was one of the most successful copywriters who ever lived. A bona fide, certified sales machine, whose words were responsible for selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stuff. He wasn't some semi-talented wannabe writer like me; he was the real deal.

Caples estimated that the headline can be responsible for 95% – or more – of the success of a marketing campaign.

Caples believed that the headline was so important, so integral to the success (or failure) of a campaign, that he devoted 1/5 of his seminal work on advertising strategies, Tested Advertising Methods, exclusively to the art of writing headlines.

In the words of the great man himself:

The success of an entire advertising campaign may stand or fall on what is said in the headlines.

John Caples – Author of Tested Advertising Methods

Caples estimated that the headline can be responsible for 95% – or more – of the success of a marketing campaign.

Caples didn't just pull arbitrary numbers out of thin air to make himself look clever; he was probably one of the first copywriters to advocate a scientific approach to testing sales copy.

Mad scientist testing different formulas
Mad scientist testing different formulas

He wanted to know how to make his sales copy more successful, and he knew that in order to evaluate the effectiveness of his copy in quantifiable ways he would need to systematically test small changes to see which versions worked better.

Essentially, he was using conversion rate optimisation (CRO) methods like A/B split-testing, response tracking and audience testing decades before the term was even invented ("conversion rate optimisation" was coined in 2007). Heck, he was using CRO techniques to test his headlines more than 20 years before Sir Tim Berners-Lee – the founder of the internet – was even born.

Dr Who's time-travelling TARDIS
Dr Who's time-travelling TARDIS

In one experiment, Caples discovered the winning headline outperformed the worst-performing headline by 19 times. Not 19% more sales, but 19 times more sales! Now imagine if he hadn't done any testing and just used the weakest headline. If he had, I'd be writing about someone else.

Of course, Caples wasn't the only copywriter who knew how important headlines were. David Ogilvy, a British advertising tycoon and the founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, understood their importance only too well.

The headline is the 'ticket on the meat'. Use it to flag down readers who are prospects for the kind of product you are advertising.

David Ogilvy – Founder of Ogilvy & Mathers

The headline's only job is to get noticed and make your target prospect read the rest of the content or take the next step in the sales process.

It sounds simple, but in a world where your audience is overloaded with information and the average person is exposed to around 4,000-10,000 ads per day, writing headlines that stop people in their tracks is far from easy. But the headline formulas, templates and examples in this article will help you do just that.

Headline Formulas

The quickest and easiest way to create effective headlines is to use a headline formula. Period.

Once you get into the habit of using formulas to create your headlines you'll be able to produce compelling headlines pretty much on autopilot.

Sure, you can sit there wracking your brains trying to come up with an intriguing, compelling, funny, exciting headline that nobody has ever thought of before, but you'll be there for a while.

Or you can save your time and sanity by stealing one of the pretty awesome headline formulas listed below.

Every idea is a juxtaposition. That's it. A juxtaposition of existing concepts.

Steven Grant – Author of The Hardy Boys Casefiles

So what are headline formulas, and how do they work? I’m glad you asked.

Essentially, a headline formula is a collection of words and phrases arranged in such a way as to illicit an emotional response from the reader. Whether it's curiosity, excitement, surprise or shock, the end goal is the same: to make the reader want to engage with the content.

The best thing about headline formulas is that they make writing headlines much faster. In fact, once you get into the habit of using formulas to create your headlines you'll be able to produce compelling headlines pretty much on autopilot.

To use the formulas below, simply pick one and substitute the following values with your own words and phrases:

  • [Words] – Substitute words and phrases in square brackets with your own.
  • {Name} – Replace {Name} elements with a name – usually a person's name, but it could also be the name of a business, organisation, group or some other entity.
  • {X} – Replace {X} elements with a number. Sometimes it might be worth experimenting by leaving out the number altogether, or replacing it with a word.
  • {Year} – Replace {Year} elements with the correct year.

The 'end result' headline

[Desired Outcome] + [Time Frame] + [Overcome Objections]


  • [Lose 7lbs] + [in 7 Days] + [without Working Out]
  • [Generate 5,000 Leads] + [in 30 Days] + [without Paying for Ads]
  • [Sell Your House] + [in 1 Week] + [without Paying Estate Agent Fees]
  • [Build an Online Store] + [in 1 Month] + [with No Technical Knowledge]
  • [Launch an Online Business] + [in 1 Day] + [for Free]

The 'action' headline

[Action] + [Time Frame] + [Overcome Objections]


  • [Hire Me] + [for 30 Days] + [and I’ll Increase Your Sales by 43%]
  • [Cycle to Work Each Morning] + [for the Next 21 Days] + [and Lose 10lbs]
  • [Post a Tweet Each Day] + [for 60 Days] + [and Increase Your Followers by 25%]
  • [Follow My SEO Checklist] + [for 1 Month] + [and Get on the First Page of Google]
  • [Try Our Skincare Product] + [for 30 Days] + [and Get Radiant Looking Skin]

The 'how to' headline

How to [Desired Outcome] +/- [Overcome Objections]


  • How to [Write a Sales Page that Converts] + [without Sounding Salesy]
  • Learn How to [Create Video Courses] + [without Expensive Equipment]
  • Learn How to [Build Your Own Computer]
  • Discover How to [Start a Business] + [with Virtually No Money]
  • Find Out How to [Get More Organised]

The 'secret' headline

{X} Secrets to [Desired Outcome]


  • {7} Secrets to [Making Money Online]
  • {10} Unknown Facts about [Running a Dropshipping Business]
  • {8} Secret Methods for [Generating More Leads]
  • {9} Little Known Facts about [Burning Fat]
  • {7} Secrets to [Paying Less Tax]

The 'promise' headline

[Desired Outcome] in [Time Frame]


  • [Quadruple Your Instagram followers] in [1 Month]
  • [Increase Your Click-Through Rate by 30%] in [1 Day]
  • [Boost Your Traffic by 23%] in [7 Days]
  • [Increase Your Average Order Value by 33%] in Just [30 days]
  • [Increase Your Website Speed by 200%] in [1 Hour]

The 'lie' headline

{X} Lies About [Topic]


  • {9} Lies Agencies Will Tell You about [SEO]
  • The {5} Biggest Myths about [Tax Havens]
  • {7} Huge Lies about [Treating Arthritis]
  • {5} Lies about [Facebook Advertising]
  • {6} Lies People Believe about [Divine Healing]

The 'threat' headline

[Threat] + [Product/Service] to [Overcome Threat]


  • [Wedding Nightmare]: [Disaster Checklist] to Ensure Your [Big Day Goes without a Hitch]
  • [The Dangers of Crossfit]: [10 Safe Workout Routines] to Help You [Avoid Injury]
  • [The Pitfalls of Doing Your Own Bookkeeping]: [Step-by-Step Guide] to [Avoiding Accounting Errors]
  • [The Risk of Redundancy]: [Free Ebook] about [Employee Rights and Protection]
  • [The Danger of Becoming Obese]: [Free Guide] to [Staying Healthy]

The 'social proof' headline

[Object] Over [Social Proof] Use to [Desired Outcome]


  • The [SEO Tool] over [200,000 Websites] Use to [Boost Their Traffic]
  • The [Social Media Scheduler] over [100,000 Businesses] Use to [Build Brand Awareness]
  • The [Productivity System] [Millions of People] Use to [Get More Done Each Day]
  • The [Coupon Site] over [1,000,000 Savvy Shoppers] Use to [Save Money]
  • The [Protein Supplement] More than [50,000 Gym Fanatics] Use to [Build Muscle Fast]

The 'gains' headline

[Desired Result] / [Problem] When You / Without [Undesired Result] / [Challenge]


  • [Get a Ripped Physique] When You [Take the 30-Day Fitness Challenge]
  • [Learn French Fast] When You [Enroll in Our Language Course]
  • [Get Rid of Acne Forever] without [Leaving Scars]
  • [Build a Profitable Business] without [Risking Your Own Money]
  • [Instantly Become More Productive] When You [Use This Productivity Method]

The 'skeptics' headline

[Product/Service]: How {Name} Uses It to [Desired Result]


  • [Ahrefs]: How {Neil Patel} Uses it to [Make $1m Every Year]
  • [Magic Serum]: How it Helps Keep {Penelope Cruz} [Looking Beautiful]
  • [Head & Shoulders]: How it Keeps {Jennifer Aniston} [Dandruff-Free]
  • [Under Armour]: How it Helps {Michael Phelps} [Stay at the Top of His Game]
  • [Sage Accounting]: How {Peter Jones} Uses it to [Run His Multi-Million Pound Business]

The 'big list' headline

{X} +/- [Adjective] + [Topic]


  • {37} [Amazing] [Call-to-Action Examples]
  • {39} [Mind-Blowing] Ways to [Boost Productivity]
  • {101} Ways to [Repurpose Your Content]
  • {47} [Hilarious] Ways to [Prank Your Mates]
  • {500} [Social Media Marketing Tips]

The 'ultimate guide' headline

The Ultimate/Complete Guide to [Desired Outcome]


  • The Ultimate Guide to [Eating Healthily on a Budget]
  • The Complete Guide to [Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile]
  • The Ultimate Guide to [Getting More Followers in Instagram]
  • The Ultimate Guide to [Building a Shopify Store]
  • The Complete Guide to [Selling on Amazon]

The 'proven method' headline

{X} Proven Ways to [Desired Outcome]


  • {17} Proven Ways to [Build Muscle Fast]
  • {13} Proven Ways to [Lose Weight without Losing Muscle Mass]
  • {7} Proven Ways to [Make Money on Autopilot]
  • {11} Proven Techniques for [Improving Your Self-Confidence]
  • {6} Proven Ways to [Learn a New Language Quickly]

The 'desire' headline

Who Else Wants [Desired Outcome]?


  • Who Else Wants [More Fun and Less Stress While on Vacation]?
  • Who Else Wants to [Work from Home and Earn $300 a Day]?
  • Who Else Wants to [Work Less and Get Paid More]?
  • Who Else Wants a [Higher Paying Job]?
  • Who Else Wants to [Learn How to Get More Followers on Facebook]?

The 'target audience' headline

Here’s How/Why [Somebody] + [Desired Outcome]


  • Here’s How [Marketers] [Create Profitable PPC Campaigns]
  • Here’s How [Successful Freelancers] [Deal with Difficult Clients]
  • Here’s Why [You] Need to [Speed Up Your Website]
  • Here’s Why [High-Street Retailers] Need to [Generate More Online Sales]
  • Here’s How [Amateur Photographers] Can [Take Better Photographs]

The 'instant gratification' headline

{X} Quick Solutions/Ways to [Desired Outcome]


  • {5} Quick Ways to [Improve Your Search Engine Rankings]
  • {7} Ways to [Reduce Your Debt Quickly]
  • {6} Quick Solutions for [Increasing Your Website Security]
  • {10} Ways to [Get Fit Quickly]
  • {3} Quick Ways to [Improve Your eBay Listings]

The 'problem eliminator' headline

Get Rid of [Problem] + [Time Period]


  • Get Rid of Your [Unproductive Work Habits] [Once and for All]
  • Get Rid of that [Carpet Stain] in [10 Minutes]
  • Get Rid of Your [Back Pain] in [5 Days]
  • Get Rid of [Hayfever] [Once and for All]
  • Get Rid of Your [Fear of Heights] [Once and for All]

The 'two good' headline

Now You Can [Desired Outcome] + [Desired Outcome]


  • Now You Can [Eat More] and [Lose Weight]
  • Now You Can [Quit Your Job] and [Make Even More Money]
  • Now You Can [Meet Sexy Singles Online] [without Spending a Dime]
  • Now You Can [Own a Mac] and Still [Run Windows]
  • Now You Can [Get Fit] [without Exercising]

Headline templates

If the awesome headline formulas listed above haven't got your creative juices flowing – or you simply don't have time to tweak the formulas to suit your needs – the headline templates below might just do the trick.

To use them, simply fill in the blanks with your own keywords and topics. It doesn't get any quicker or easier than that.

Danny Devito doesn't think it gets any easier than headline templates
Danny Devito doesn't think it gets any easier than headline templates

For example, you could use headline template #7 to promote your free SEO ebook, like so: "You Too Can Improve Your SEO in Just 30 Minutes a Day With Our Free SEO Guide".

If you own a SaaS application that converts one type of content into another, then template #34 could be used to promote your service: "How to Turn Blog Posts Into Podcast Episodes in Just 30 Minutes".

If you sell homemade cakes, you could easily use template #73 to create the following headline: "What Makes Our Organic Cupcakes Taste So Good?"

Personally, I find headline templates a little too restrictive; I much prefer the flexibility that formulas provide. However, there's a certain appeal to just adding your chosen keywords into predefined spaces, and some people do find them psychologically easier to use.

  1. {X} Signs You're in the Wrong ________
  2. Think You're ________? Think Again
  3. Your ________ Doesn't Want You to Read This
  4. One Secret to ________'s Success: ________
  5. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at ________
  6. Who Else Wants to ________ With Their ________
  7. You Too Can ________ in Just 30 Minutes a Day With ________
  8. The Secret Life of ________: What You Can Learn by ________
  9. The Top {X} Issues Dividing ________
  10. Why Are We Giving Away ________ for Only ________ – This Is Not a Misprint
  11. How Were ________ Able to ________?
  12. Which One of These ________ Problems Do You Want to Get Rid Of?
  13. Why It's Hard for ________ to ________
  14. [Financial] Lessons for ________
  15. What Would You Rather Do: ________ or ________?
  16. What Everyone Ought to Know About ________
  17. ________: What’s Really Happening?
  18. How ________ Became ________ and Why It Matters
  19. Why ________ Succeed and ________ Fail
  20. ________ Reports Expected to Show ________
  21. ________ Blame ________ for ________ Setback
  22. Clearing Up ________ Confusion
  23. Why Is ________ Always ________?
  24. Too Busy ________ to ________?
  25. How ________ Survived After ________
  26. Why ________ Is Essential for ________
  27. Tired of ________?
  28. Why ________ and ________ Are Blowing up Online
  29. Is ________ Necessary for All ________?
  30. Why This ________ Built a ________ in ________
  31. Top Tips for a ________
  32. Reduce Your ________ and ________ Today
  33. The Most [Expensive] ________ You'll Ever See
  34. How to Turn ________ Into ________ in Just ________
  35. Would You ________ From This ________?
  36. Why You Don't Want to Get ________
  37. Calculate Your ________ in Seconds
  38. Your ________ Might Not Be as ________ as You Think
  39. The Big ________ Sales Ends ________
  40. How ________ Came to Dominate the [Market]
  41. The Secret to ________ is Simply ________
  42. Making the Perfect ________ Is Not Enough
  43. How ________ Will Transform ________, and More
  44. {X} Best Practices for ________
  45. The Most ________ You Ever ________ or Your Money Back
  46. Take a Lesson From ________
  47. [Researchers] Demonstrate Use of ________ for ________
  48. The Lazy Man's Way to ________
  49. ________ Poll Shows Concern About ________ Is Rising
  50. The {X} Quickest Ways to Get ________
  51. How a Single ________ Helped Turn ________ Against the ________
  52. Sudden Rise in ________ Demand Takes ________ by Surprise
  53. Teach Yourself ________ in ________
  54. What's in ________?
  55. The ________'s Most ________ Is Also One of It's Most ________
  56. How Much Would It Take for You to ________ This ________?
  57. ________ for ________ Available Now
  58. How ________ Actually Works
  59. ________ Discovers How to ________ From ________ With No ________
  60. Meet ________ Newest ________
  61. Meet the Da Vinci of ________
  62. ________ in Half the Time Without Increasing ________
  63. Why Do We ________?
  64. Your ________ Will Be the ________ of the Future
  65. Never Ever Suffer From ________ Again
  66. Can the ________ Help Solve Our ________ Crisis?
  67. ________'s Forgotten ________
  68. ________ in 24 Hours or Your Money Back
  69. How ________ Is Changing in ________
  70. The Story Behind ________'s ________
  71. The Unintended (and ________) Consequences of ________
  72. Is the ________ Worth ________ to You?
  73. What Makes ________ [Taste] So [Good]?
  74. Why [Buyers] Are Flocking to ________ and Fleeing From ________
  75. Secrets of ________ Revealed in ________
  76. Improve Your ________ in as Little as ________
  77. Imagine ________ and Loving Every Minute of It
  78. How to ________ That'll ________
  79. How to Use ________ to Boost Your ________
  80. How to Turn Your ________ Into a ________
  81. How to Take the Headache Out of ________
  82. How to Master the Art of ________
  83. How to ________ That ________
  84. How to ________ More and ________ Less
  85. How to ________ in 6 Months – 100% Guaranteed
  86. How to Become More ________
  87. Hidden ________ in Your ________
  88. Here's the Quickest and Easiest Way for You to Succeed in ________
  89. Get Paid ________ for Each ________ You ________
  90. Get ________ Without ________

The greatest headlines ever written

If the headline formulas and templates discussed previously haven't sparked your creativity, the following headlines certainly will.

These are some of the greatest headlines ever written, by some of the greatest copywriters who have ever lived. These guys could sell a glass of water to a drowning man, and their words are as powerful and resonant today as they were when they were first written.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the world-class headlines in this list have generated hundreds of billions of dollars worth of sales over the years – probably more.

If you're struggling to come up with your own eyeball-sucking headlines from scratch, use one of these headlines as a starting point and build on it. The effect on your conversions could be spectacular.

Man holding a wad of cash
Man holding a wad of cash

The headlines are organised by copywriter and I've included a link to their website where possible.

Note: many of these headlines were written decades ago, and some of them could be construed as being sexist or discriminatory. I've included them purely because they've proven to be highly effective over the years, and they're easy to modify to suit your needs.

Bud Weckesser

If You Really Enjoy Your Job, Don't Read This . . .

The $12,000 Secret of an Ohio Housewife

I Want You to Have This before It's Too Late

Jay Abraham

Famous Millionaire Entrepreneur Offers to Share with a Select Group of Proteges the Actual Methods He's Used to Make Himself over $10 Million in the Last Seven Years

Discover the Hidden Assets and Overlooked Opportunities in Your Business

How to Get a Millionaire Marketing Genius to Give You the Same Profit-Boosting Advice That Businesses Have Paid Millions of Dollars to Get Their Hands On

I Paid This Marketing Genius $600,000 in One Year Alone, Because He Made Me $2,000,000 . . . Now You Can Hire Him for Less Than 1/10 of One Percent of the Amount I Paid Him

Private Invitation: Million-Dollar Business Growth System Now Made Public and You Are Invited to Examine It Free for 30 Days before You Decide If You Want to Buy It

Eugene Schwartz

Don't Pay a Penny for This Book until It Doubles Your Power to Learn!

Don't Pay a Penny until This Course Turns You into a Human Computer!

Doctor Reports New Miracle Diet Cures Arthritis

Do You Have the Courage to Earn Half a Million Dollars a Year?

Is It Immoral to Make Money This Easily?

Now – for the First Time – an International Jet-Setter Reveals the 'inside' Story

How the Beautiful People Get Rid of Both Cellulite and Ordinary Fat – without Dieting

Now – Diet Expert Sidney Petrie Reports on an Exciting Way to Banish Excess Poundage . . . Look and Feel Better and NEVER Go Hungry With . . . FAT DESTROYER FOODS!

Revealed at Last by One of America's Most Successful Weight-Reducing Doctors, a Simple Plan of Hearty Eating and Gentle Body Toning That Turns up Your 'Digestive Furnace' and Burns Flab Right off Your Body!

At Last – a Leading American Physician Shows You How to Stay Young until 90

At last! Natural Face Lifting by Exercise!

At Last! Doctor Reveals New 6-Days-A-Week Diet That Doesn't Just Shrink Fat Cells, but Destroys Them!

For Lazy People Only! How to Say Goodbye to Your Middle-Aged Body

Give Me One Evening and I'll Give You a Push-Button Memory

Is It Worth $2 to You to Banish Ugly Cellulite Forever?

Sweden's Miracle Formula That Makes Skin Look Young Again!

Now! The Miracle Gas-Saver That Europe Couldn't Hide!

How to Give Your Child the Top Grades in School He Deserves!

At Last! the Complete Mathematics Education You've Always Dreamed Of! So Easy to Learn – and for a Price So Incredibly Low – That You May Not Believe It's Possible!

You Are Twice as Smart as You Think! and These Seven Simple Actions Will Prove It to You in a Single Weekend

Gary Halbert

How Almost Any Man Can Get Non-stop Sex . . . While He Is Waiting to Meet His Dream Lover!

Researchers in FDA-Certified Lab Discover How to Triple Your Energy!

How to Make Maximum Money in Minimum Time!

The Amazing Diet Secrets of a Desperate Housewife

How to Get a Product to Sell If You Don't Have One Already and How to Get It for Nothing

The Amazing 'Facelift in a Jar' Used by Hollywood Stars Who Don't Want Plastic Surgery

How to Get as Much Money as You Need to 'Roll Out' Your Project and Get It without Borrowing!

The Amazing Lost Money Secret of the US Government

An Amazing Secret That Can Make Your Newspaper Advertising 750% More Profitable!

How to Mail up to 100,000 Letters per Week at No Cost Whatsoever (Not Even Postage)

Amazing High-Speed Diet Pill Produces Extremely Fast Weight-Loss!

How to Make Your Ad in the Yellow Pages Pull in 400% More Business Than It Does Now – at No Extra Charge!

How Even a Plain-Looking Woman Can Make Herself 350% More Sexually Attractive to Almost Any Man on Earth!

The Amazing Blackjack Secret of a Las Vegas Mystery Man!

How to Use Cheap Little Classified Ads to Make as Much as $10,000 per Day!

How to Burn off Body Fat, Hour by Hour!

Free Website Reveals How to Make Huge Profits in Nasdaq Stocks during the First 47 Minutes the Market Is Open!

How a New Discovery from Asia Seems to Burn off Body Fat for Almost Everybody Who Tries It!

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Wants to Lose 20 Pounds in Two Weeks the Lazy Way

Amazing New Formula from Beverly Hills Lets You Look Years Younger

High School Student Looses Almost 600 Pounds and Now Devotes His Life to Helping Others Get Skinny!

Here Is a Little-Known Secret That Can Help You Make Serious Money Trading Nasdaq Stocks!

Hot New Reports from Top Ad Expert Reveal 6 Amazing Secrets!

How to Get What the US Government Owes You!

Dr Dan Lee Dimke

Learn to Read as Fast as You Can Turn the Pages!

Double Your Income in 30 Minutes a Day!

How to Make Money with Your Answering Machine

How to Get Virtually Everything in Life for Free!

Imagine Recovering Your Entire Investment in Your First Day in Business!

How to Make Money with Your Personal Computer!

How to Publish Your Own Best-Selling Book!

Acquire More Money Than You Can Spend!

Derek Gehl

The Surprising Secret of a Lone Wolf Who Makes $12,000,000 per Year on the Internet

Get 'No BS' Examples of Real People Making Real Money on the Internet, and the Exact Step-By-Step Details of How They're Doing It!

Learn How a Regular Guy from Oregon Has Been Quietly Raking in $23,850 a Day – WITHOUT Spending a Dime on Traffic or Advertising!

Explode Your Sales with the Most Advanced Affiliate Program Management and Ad Tracking Software on the Internet!

Discover a Revolutionary New Way to Communicate with Your Clients – and Drive Your Online Profits through the Roof!

Robert Boduch

If You Ever Wanted a Fully-Functional, Professionally-Designed Business (Or Personal) Website of Your Own, but Didn't Want to Spend Hundreds – or Thousands – in Design Fees . . . Then This Is for You

They Laughed When I Set Out to Build a Professional Quality Website . . . But Their Laughter Soon Turned to Stunned Silence When I Did It Myself in Just 1 Day – With No HTML, No Special Technical Skills, and No Previous Design Experience Whatsoever!

New Breakthrough Discovery Easily and Almost Instantly Transforms Any Website Into a Genuine Moneymaker – Without You Ever Lifting a Finger! Could This Be the Perfect Solution You've Been Looking for All Along?

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Share your own headline formulas and templates

The list of headline formulas and templates in this article is extensive, but not exhaustive. There are infinite possibilities when it comes to crafting compelling headlines, and I've barely scratched the surface.

If you that I haven't covered in this post, feel free to share them in the comments section below and I'll add it to the list.

The more headline formulas and templates I add to the article, the more useful it becomes. And that's a win-win for everyone.

Rob Carter
Rob Carter

Rob Carter is a digital marketing expert with a genuine passion for helping businesses thrive online. Rob has been building websites and crafting marketing campaigns for over 20 years, and his creativity and analytical ability are highly sought after by businesses and non-profits around the world.

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